Howard East Neighbors

Residents, alumni, faculty and students united for equitable planning of the Howard East Campus

We ask the Council to reject requested amendment 2348 to the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map covering the Howard University School of Divinity until ANC 5B residents and neighborhood stakeholders have had the opportunity to identify priorities and address concerns through a community-driven, binding Small Area Plan process.

We want:

  • Support from the DC Council and Howard developers for what the Brookland residents and Howard community have expressed — preservation of the historic institutional character of the Howard University Divinity School
  • A campus redevelopment project consistent with existing zoning, which has received full community input, discussion, and approval
  • Equity, by preventing development patterns that exacerbate the continued displacement of long-standing ANC 5B residents of color and of modest means
  • Preserve Ward 5 history and green space
  • Preserve Howard’s campus for the Howard community and future black student generations