upFLUM vs. Small Area Plan

If the Future Land Use Map does not change anything, why are developers so eager to amend it?

Why is a Small Area Plan necessary and appropriate?

Generally, Small Area Plans are done before changing the FLUM. In the case of HUSD, a Small Area Plan has not been done. Community planning should come before FLUM changes.

This is the only way that community input becomes binding policy.  Small Area Plans have been used to successfully create community buy-in in numerous recent Brookland development projects, as well as in other Wards

This is a site of international and historic importance, and deserves careful planning with the community involved.  A huge, undeveloped property in residential streets, far from public transit, requires careful impact studies of traffic, impact to infrastructure and surrounding houses, environmental impacts.

Community input has been ignored!  We surrounding ANC 5B residents have expressed and voted in official meeting after meeting our desire for development to remain institutional and for green space to be maintained, and how did the developers respond?  Without notifying or acknowledging to the community they applied for a land use (FLUM) change from “institutional” to “moderate density’ mixed use!  This is would be a land use designation different form the entire surrounding neighborhood.

Here you can see a bit about the Small Area Plan that Councilmember Mary Cheh was able to secure for Ward 3